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Dyno results, '13 TVS, 2.4" upper...


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Finally had a chance to have my car dyno'd today after installing the '13 TVS, 2.4" upper, 65mm throttlebody and Afco H/E.

I was hoping for 650 at the wheels and was shocked, as were the dyno guys, when it came in at 672 rwhp and 656 rwtq.

This was the same dyno that did my car when I had the 2.5" pulley, JLT 127 and tune and it did 517 rwhp. I am really

pumped that the car is making this kind of power! Here's a link to the dyno printout and video...





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Wow. Those are really good numbers for such simple and relatively inexpensive mods. That equates to 790 Hp/770 ftlbs at the crank. Throw an off road H (or maybe even a high flow catted H) on her and you'll probably be making a tad over 800 Hp at the crank.


You're making me think about getting a pulley for mine.


I'd love to see a comparison with VMP and FRPP TVS's with the same mods.

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Nice #'s.

93 octane tune ? How much timing ?

Doesn't Fairfield Performance do tuning ?



Yes, it's a 93 tune. I don't know the details of the tune as far as timing and so on. I thought they only did tuning for Mopar

since they're a Dodge/Chrysler dealership. They didn't mention anything about being able to tune my car, or even check

the injector cycles or anything like that.

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Very nice, what are your fuel mods?



None, for now. But the guys at SVTP are convincing me that I need injectors. I'll have to get in touch with Justin and have him

look at my graph and see what he thinks. You can see above 5500 the a/f starts to climb above 12.5. I've heard that's still

safe, but I'd rather give myself enough room and get bigger injectors then grenade the motor.

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BTW, what were your boost numbers?



Thanks, I'm pretty pumped the car is making so much power with what I consider minimal mods. I'm only using the

stock boost gauge and it was just a dyno session to measure horsepower, torque and a/f. No way of knowing

exactly how much boost. Probably around 17lbs I guess.

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Anyway to describe what it feels like to drive 650+. Nicely done Crush.



Thanks! I'm really happy with the way the car has turned out. First and second gear feel like the car wants to kill you. It roars, moves around

like it's an lion and you're trying to hold it down. Third gear is a little less violent, but in the upper RPM range, it still wants to throw you out of the

drivers seat and beat you with a baseball bat. Fourth gear now feels like 2nd when the car had a pulley and tune. The acceleration is violent, even

at 80 MPH. You do about a 2 second roll on the throttle, and you're over 100. As the R's climb, it accelerates even harder and you can feel the rear

tires wanting to completely break loose. It still fishtails a little, but you can keep it under control...and that's as far as I've gotten. It's a rush to say the

least. Your mouth gets dry and your heart pounds! I love it. I can not imagine what you guys with 800+ rwhp cars feel when the car gets traction.

That has to feel completely insane!

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I'm sorry for not being too informed ////BUT//// does the 13 TVS fit on the 07--09 yrs???..If it does ..DO you recommend it over VMP TVS setup?? OR is it a different animal altogether ?? THXS for making my choice difficult again....Bruce

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Bruce, yes it'll fit your car. It's pretty much the same exact supercharger. I'm not gonna step on anyone's toes as far as making a recommendation as

I bought just about everything else for my car from VMP and they even did the tune for me. That's up to you to do the research and figure out which one

you want. The '13 TVS is quite a bit cheaper than the VMP TVS. The VMP has a full one year warranty, the '13 TVS does not. The VMP doesn't have

5.8 on it, the '13 does. So, the VMP is a better looking blower with a warranty. VMP is now offering a "stripper" version which is just the blower. No elbow

or throttlebody for $2799 I believe. You can get a '13 complete setup with a Ford Racing throttlebody, larger elbow, belt and fuel rails for around $2650

through Tousley Ford.


As I said, do some research and make your own choice. Watch videos on youtube and read the thousands of threads on the subject.

Good luck with your decision.

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THX YOU for your HONEST OPINION.....i think the options for our SHELBY's are so vast that I must determine what I really want to do too HER....I do drag race BUT then I do not have the $$$$ to fix breakage...IE CLUTCH...TRANNY or ReAR ENDS..I have the 10 clutch and run 3:73 gears..Have already replaced axles...Have afco HE and mild rear suspenion work..Still run the 2 piece D/S...IF/WHEN I get to 600RWHP I know breakage will happen.....Have EVO stage 1 and run 12.09et with MT D/R's..I feel the stress on the drivetrain even now...Again thxS ...GREAT PRICE THOUGH........

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I thought I heard that the monoblade throttle body was not as "street friendly" as the others?? I talked to one guy who didnt like it on his 08. Said it was more like an on off switch as was harder drive. Any coments? ...Assuming thats what your runnng.

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