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help with temporarily fitting 4 wheels on '12 GT500 SVT


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I have a 2012 GT500 and need to put a set of temporary wheels on my car. These wheels just need to mount securely for a temporary period, and the car will not be driven any further than in/out of the garage. It's important for the car to have brakes so when I do pull it out of the garage I can stop it. I just need a cheap way to secure 4 wheels to my car, to support the car, and for the wheels to not fall off if the car has to be moved. I don't care if all 4 wheels match or not, just so long as they mount securely and will roll and stop.


These factory Brembo's are big and fitting a "doughnut" over them might be tough? I thought about 4 doughnuts mounted backwards if necessary (I laugh at myself everytime I think this). Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! Jered

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