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102 Year Old Woman Still Drives Her 82 Year Old Car


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Pretty cool story:





At 102, she's in better shape (physically AND mentally!) than I am at 57!


And what a beautiful car. I know where there is one very much (almost exactly) like it and has been in a garage up on blocks since the owner died (hmmm, 40 years ago?). His widow still has it and won't part with it. Her grandson *thinks* he's going to get it away from her.


She ain't no dummy......




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Now that is what I'm talkin about! My hat is off for that lady. I told my wife if I can own just one car for my whole life, it is a classic Mustang. I have pretty much owned a classic Mustang since 2000 as my daily driver. My first 65' got stolen, never to be recovered, in 2005. After a year, I took ownership of my current 65' in 2006. She has been my DD ever since.

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