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Bridgehampton Race Track


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A couple of weeks ago on October 6 I attended the Bridgehampton Historical Society event in Bridgehampton Long Island. The Society staged a car show on the society’s grounds, a parade over the original road race course through the streets of Bridgehampton and a road rally. The Long Island Region of The Shelby Club was invited to attend the car show. Mike C. of the LI Shelby Region contacted the current owner of the Bridgehampton race Track (now a golf course!!!!!!!) and Mike was granted permission for us to take pictures of the Shelby’s on the remaining front stretch that passes under the “Bridge”. Eight Shelby’s attended and I have attached pictures of the 3 Hertz cars in attendance; a 1966 GT-H, a 2006 GT-H; and my 2007GT-H.

In addition to the 8 Shelby's, there were about 40-50 other cars and a good number of these czrs raced the Bridge, these cars participated in the rally and or the parade.

We had a great time that day





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