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Trufiber at SEMA


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Check out this mustang by trufiber with all their carbon fiber pieces. I love how when I ordered a set of rockers,mirror covers, and hood vent that all come with flaws and were horribly made, they said "oh the parts at shows like SEMA are just ones we pull off the shelves" That is complete and utter BULLLS**t.


Like my god if the parts they sold were actually made in house like I can imagine every piece on that car is they would probably make 1000x more money and put everyone else out of business. But instead they outsource to vietnam just to make the quick buck and then BS the customer about it. The only thing they could do to make these parts better is to pre preg instead of hand making them. Even though some of these parts are good the interior trim pieces look like garbage still.

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Heck with the carbon fiber parts. They couldn't get the paint color matched on the front fenders and hood to the rest of the car. This shows me that they don't pay attention to the fine details



Trufiber couldn't? I assumed that was the paint job from Ford. Usually they are too cheap to change things like that.

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This is another car with trufiber parts. Now this one looks even better. From a distance the parts look like parts that were painted black. But close up then you see the weave. That is exactly how properly made carbon fiber parts should look like but no way in hell if you order that from Trufiber it will look like that.

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