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November Retooling/Upgrades @ Flat Rock Question


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Does anyone know exactly what kind of retooling and upgrades are taking place at Flat Rock in the next 3 weeks?


This is the only information I could find on the subject.


To prepare to add Fusion production, Flat Rock is getting a new body shop, upgraded paint shop and some reworking of the final trim assembly line.

The bulk of the retooling will be done during a three-week shutdown in November, and by March prototypes could be coming down the line.

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Which of these is going to be upgraded in Nov?

1. New body shop.

2. Upgraded paint shop.

3. Some reworking of the final trim assembly line.

4. All the above.


No guessing please. this isn't a poll.



In the auto plants when they want to change things or modify machinery they accomplish as much as possible by working on the machines and equipment that do not affect production and can be accomplished without interupting product flow. (being an electrician at ford for 36 years I helped do this dozens of times) Then they change and modify all the stuff that would interupt production and they proceed to do this on weekends, holidays, normal shutdowns (summer vacation, Xmas, Easter etc.) or extended shutdowns (closed for non-contractural reasons). This allows them to make wholesale changes without too much disruption of the product run.

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