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Sandy claims a Boss


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That should buff out. :hysterical:


Looks like we are going to have our very first Boss 302 CONVERTIBLE!!!!! :hysterical2:


No extra charge for the low-rider suspension either!



All jokes aside, its terrible to lose not just one vehicle, but probably both the Mercedes and the Boss 302 stand a good chance to be torn up pretty bad. I sure hope the had a good insurance company backing them up for this kind of stuff. Oh and just incase you folks didn't know, FLOOD is covered under your Comprehensive coverage in a regular Auto policy...nothing extra needed to buy from the Federal Govt. like you do for your homes.



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Sorry for your lose .... great color and I would have loved to own it even now.



I don't think it's any ones car in this thread or forum.


It's a sad sight that's for sure... But in all reality. It's just a car. One of many destroyed by Sandy.


So much devistation and sadness... Levity is appreciated here in Jersey.



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Why leave a BOSS out (or poorly protected) in this area knowing what was coming...?



It wasn't left out, as someone who live in Miami, aka: Hurricane Alley, the garage floated away!!!


In any case I am sure it was insured and the owner will be driving a new one shortly...

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