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Personalized Plates

Squirrel 007

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The only thing i can add here is keep in mind what it says is how you will be thought of when its out in the public. I avoided a license plate that was taunting because I honestly did not want punk kids to try and do anything to it while it is parked in a parking lot or act stupid on the streets. If I am going to have fun on the street I would prefer to be alone to attract less attention.


I went with SN8KBYTE - but I can have 8 letters (but I had someone pull up next to me thinking it was something like "Serial Number 8,000 by ___" and he couldn't figure that last part out.

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i'd do something with the production number of the car. for example i'm doing SGT2899 when renewal time comes around. not sure how the production numbers or serialization works with the GT500's though

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