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2012 Shelby Annual Magazine .... Available Now


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Hi All,


Thought I would let you know that the new 2012 Shelby Annual Magazine is available now. I picked up mine at a

hobby and magazine shop last night.. It says ... "Display Until December 25, 2012", so be sure to get yours soon.


Take care and have a great day.





*** Picture from Shelby American Facebook Page ***

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Hey Jer I finally got to reading the magazine. For the shelby 1000 is it using steeda billet LCA? Thats what it looks like in the picture. Also what UCA is it using? The BMR/Shelby ones? Also the magazine said its using a k member thats 100 pounds lighter than stock. How is that possible when the stock k member is like 40 pounds. Isn't it just using the shelby/BMR k member?

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Good read. Also noticed Deep Draw out of stock. Glad I got one. Thanks Jer!


I've got more, but that is how many I was comfortable releasing at first. We'll have more soon.


I can't wait to see your car pix... gonna be awesome.




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