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2009 GT500 vs multiple cars at Carrabelle 1/2 mile


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Yep Vette driver should of had a hard win, but spinning isnt winning. First time driving his car hard he said. At the end of the day he was getting better. He probably would of wooped me later on. From the start I pulled the challenger the other cars I ran down. The jaguar punched it way before me cause he wanted to do a roll race so had to run him down also. Also ran a Silverado which was pretty quick off the line we were neck and neck at the start and I pulled him too but shucks its a silverado so I should have. The 5.0 would of been a better race but I was heat soaked. Best run was a 144.3 very close to Van's run at heavens landing in Georgia With the 2.5 pullied GT500KR he was driving.

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