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Exhaust/CAI Upgrade


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I am brand new to this forum and to the ownership of a Shelby GT500. I am looking to upgrade my exhaust and CAI. Does anyone have any recommendations? My car is a 2011 sterling grey (UJ) red striped convertible. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi! i really enjoy the set up on my car. For CAI i have a K&N system, works very well, you hear a lot more SC noise. And as far as exhaust, i have MBRP long tube headers, H pipe with cats, and then their street cat-back. I think it sounds awesome! but everyone has their own preferences.... hope this helps. Here is a video of the MBRP setup on my car.

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My suggestion is to first decide if you can tolerate interior drone. If you want no drone that will drastically narrow your available choices. Even in the no drone category it becomes a personal preference.


My selection criteria included:


No drone at all

No popping sounds


Must haves included:

Only axle backs considered

Deep, throaty sound at idle

Slight burble on decel


There are many threads and videos on this topic so enjoy your search and ask away for opinions once you start to zero in on a few.

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