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So... Who has one of the Elusive M2 Super Tribute Chase Shelby GT350r's?


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No disrespect or poor luck meant to anyone who does not, but I do have one. I have one of the bare metal and two white chase cars with the gold rims. Very nice.


I also have some extras of the regular cars and cardbox holder case that the rgeulars come in - the cardboard box has the M2 emblems all over it and holds 6 regular cars - three white and three blue. Makes a nice display with the six cars in the M2 box.


I will gladly sell individuals or a set of 6 plus box for $5 a car plus shipping. The money goes to local charity as I bought some extras to egt enough for goodie bags for the recent Terlingua event.





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I was going to post that I wish I had them....then I read Davids post and realized I have several of them. :doh:


and the box! :rockon:



thanks David for having such cool stuff for us to buy to benefit the charity! :rockon:





You are most welcome they are very nice!


It was part of the way we remebered and hinored Carroll for Terlingua 2012.




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