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Leather trimmed console cover question

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Question for you guys... I just received my leather trimmed console cover for my KR. I ordered the one for my 2008 KR and it was supposed to have the logo that is on the side of the car, you know the "GT500KR 1968-2008 40th Anniversary."


What I received was the console cover with the logo for the original 1968 GT500KR, just the "Shelby GT500KR". BOTH logos are cool by the way (as you know).


So here's the question...would you keep the console cover because it is still a tribute to the original and therefore DOES go with this car, or would you send it back for the matching logo for our 40th anniversary cars? It certainly doesn't look bad at all, in fact it looks great, and I could go either way because the quality is what you would expect. I'm just wondering what you think since the logos are different.

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I'm guessing this is what you ordered:



Steve, thanks much for the reply. Yes, that first picture is what I ordered. I'm having one heluva hard time posting pics here; I tried the photobucket thing and can't get that to work so unfortunately I just have to describe it to you...my apologies for not being picture-saavy. If you go to http://designerautoaccessories.com/console-covers the one I received is in the third row down, second from the the left. It has the cobra with the "Shelby GT500KR" in the wings. It is NOT the second picture of the emboissed logo that you sent.


Maybe I'M just completely confused (and certainly willing to admit it if so!) and maybe made an assumption I shouldn't have being under educated about 1968 KR emblems I've never seen the emblem for our 2008 cars WITHOUT the "1968-2008" and "40th Anniversary" in the wings. Are BOTH of these emblems, with and without the additional stuff in the wings, for the newer anniversary car? I thought this one was from 1968 and for the 40th Anniversary they added "1968-2008" and "40th Anniversary".

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Question answered! I never really looked at the differences between 2008-2009...Thanks Sheppd01! Now I know to return it and get the one for my 2008. You learn something new everyday...



Got it now, you threw us a curve when you mentioned 1968 GT500KR logo.


If you purchased the console lid thru the Shelby Store/SPP, just give them a call and they will take care of you right away. If you purchased the lid direct then give Gary Disney a call.



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