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GT500KR is one of five great automotive remakes...

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If you didn't see the brief article by Rob Sass on Hagerty's website last week here's a link to it, "Take Two: Five great automotive remakes." The Shelby GT500KR and Ford GT are both on the list.



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I thought the T Bird was a flop when it came out and it was a flop. Did not like the styling and performance was dull. It died out quickly. Rightfully so.


Mystery why it makes a list of "greatest remakes".



My sense was that it was, in fact, a great remake in terms of it being true to its DNA while still being a modern car. The original T-Birds were not powerful cars so the performance was not any different, historically speaking. I was able to drive a '57 one day and its main attraction was that it turned a lot of heads. We all differ on what we think constitutes a worthy remake. For instance, the Camero is not a remake of the first iteration of that car but, rather, later versions. I prefer the original because that is what we Mustang guys ran against back in '66. I'm just happy the manufacturers are willing to take a chance on remakes.



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The t-bird was a flop because it was way over priced. But the success of the Mustang can be partly attributed to the t-bird, in that Ford learned from that miscue and priced the base Mustang very affordably. In my opinion, had the t-bird not happened, Ford may have released the Mustang at the wrong price point. Keep in mind that this was pre-recession, when money still flowed like water.


And if you put yourself back in 2002, the full-blooded retro style of the t-bird was still a radical and ballsy move at the time...so I can see why it made the list. The SSR didn't arrive until 2003, so the only thing before the t-bird was the Prowler (also under-powered and over-priced), PT Cruiser, and HHR (which were half-attempts at retro).

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