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Steering feel effected by new tires?


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So I swapped out my goodyears for pirelli sottozero series 2 winter tires since it's been around 40-60 degrees consistently now and I sold my good years.


First thing I noticed is wow this car is not nearly as bumpy anymore as it was with the good years and NO MORE gravel hitting my car. I guess the good years in the cold really are as hard as hockey pucks.


But something I noticed or I may be imagining if anyone cares to enlighten me is my steering effort seems to have gone down. I had to use a 255 tire in the front since there is no winter 265 and the SVT manual said its ok to use that for a winter tire. Yet now my steering in the sport mode feels closer to normal or even comfort now. I checked to see if the switches worked and they still do when I put the steering in comfort I practically can blow the steering wheel to move it.


Is this something possible because I know the dealership couldn't have done anything to the EPAS by just pulling my wheels off to mount winter tires on them. I also know they didn't drive around in it since the milage was only up .2 from when I dropped it off.


Any opinions?

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I had my Pirelli sottozero tires installed last Saturday (in a 255 front size as well). The steering does feel lighter and I believe this is how it is supposed to feel when using a tire that is appropriate for the temperature. This is my third winter using the sottozero, and it is a night and day difference. It's so nice to have traction again (37 degress this AM and no slippage when turning from a stop).


Looking at the treadwear, I beieve the rears will be good for 12k miles and the fronts will be 15k - 18k.

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Yea I definitely don't slip anymore. But for some reason I still felt more confident with the good years. When I hit the brakes hard with these pirellis when some idiot immediately stopped in front of me, the front tire spun or skidded not sure exactly but it did something bad that I didn't think I would stop in time so I swerved away a bit.


That could just be because these tires are brand new and need 500 miles to break in and get the manufactuer crap off of them.


But since you are having the same feeling I am I guess its normal.

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