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Baer rotor substitutes?


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So I have the Baer 6S fronts and +2 rears. After having to bail on a track weekend that I traveled 350 miles to... after having my drilled and slotted rotors crack out on me... I'm thinking I'm not going to run drilled rotors anymore.


That said does anyone know of a brand that sells replacement rotors that will fit with the Baer 6S's and +2 rears? Baer confirmed that they make a slotted rotor ring (not drilled), but of course it's not carried by anyone else and Baer wants a TON of money for them. So I thought I'd see if anyone knows of any replacement rotors that will fit the Baer setups? Don't even need to be top knotch rotors. I'd rather replace them more often if necessary than trash $1000 in rings again.


Thanks in advance, JR

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I have cracked so many Baer rotors and I even cracked the Baer slotted only ones as well. I need brake ducts and I am sure that will prolong the cracking of the rotors. I wish I had never bought the Baer brakes I only bought them because they said Shelby on them. I would never use the pads that came on the Baer set either. My orginal baer pad set lasted one day on the track. I used Hawk pads after that and they seem to be OK but now after buying my 13 Boss 302 I went to performance friction and would never use any other brand of pad. On my SGT I did flush the fluid to high temp and installed stainless steel lines. I will not track the SGT again until I install cooling ducts and swap out the baer for a set of Brembos. Its not worth the cost to keep buying rotors


On my Boss 302 I have Brembos and have installed the brake cooling ducts and run Performance Friction pad I also changed the fluid to Brembo 600.....The brakes worked perfectly on track and I did not have a single issue with 4 track days. The pads still look new and the rotors are perfect as well.

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For what it may be worth to the discussion, I gave up waiting for Shelby to get a big brake package that was on both front and back and bought AP Racing big brakes from Stillen (waited for the sale). They have performed flawlessly (drilled and slotted) to date. I do have the Shelby front brake cooling ducts and even have the no longer produced Shelby rear brake cooling ducts. I don't know if that is the difference but cooling ducts are a cheap bit of insurance. Hope you get a solution as big brakes are a "must have" on the track if you are going to really go at it.



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