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2011+ belly pan installed on my 2010


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Ford installed a belly pan on the 2011+ GT500's and the Boss 302's from the factory. I wanted to add it to my earlier model car.


I tried this on my 08 but I wasn't happy with the fit and finish. The air deflector behind the splitter was too different to do right. Now here we are again, accept now I have a newer car, my 2010 GT500. I bought the same 2011+ air dam and belly pan, but this time it was an easy bolt up.


Here are the parts straight from Ford!!!! There are two different belly pan parts. One with a metal frame and one without. I opted for the one with the metal Z-bracket behind it. The one without doesn't seen as strong and might deflect under speed.




I noticed that the 2010 air deflector doesn't have a front air dam like the 2011+ part does.




The 2011+ air deflector mounts the same accept for two of the rear bolts. You just need to pop out two of the clips and move them over to another existing hole.




The rear of the Z-bracket bolts up to the K-member. The 2011+ K-member comes with an extra tab for this part. Since I am not changing out the K-member, I am just going to use one bolt in the rear. Just need to drop a 3/8" bolt through an existing hole in the K-member.




The front bolts up to the radiator support. Existing holes line up here too. Just added a 3/8" bolt here too. I can reach into the side of the bracket to install the nut behind.




Here are the belly pan and the air deflector bolted in place. Perfect fit!!!




Shot of the front air dam installed. It now sits about 1 1/2" below the front splitter.



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