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Need some bolt sizes

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Ok so 70k miles, still on stock brakes, I decided to change the pads and the rotors. The backs are done with no issue at all.


On to the front...I was trying to remove the "Brake caliper anchor plate bolts," I completely stripped the head of the bolt... its nice a round now. Them I moved onto the guide pin bolts that hold the caliper on... and completely rounded one of those out. So I decided to say screw it and called it a day.


I can get the bolts out, however I would like to have the correctly sized bolts on had to replace the rounded out ones. Does any one have the correct sizes for those to sets of bolts? Part numbers I believe are W710233 and 2001?


Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I thought I remembered there were two different sizes on the front brakes - one size for the calipers, one size for the anchors - and they were both metric. I don't have the information in front of me at the moment, if someone doesn't answer before this afternoon, I'll get back to you!



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Probably too late for you sgt0517 but brakemotive.com has 4 slotted/vented rotors with ceramic pads for 189 bucks. Sick price for all four. Im gonna change my brakes with only 7000 miles on them to these or maybe I'll just keep them in the garage for use at a later date. Either way I gotta get them until I make the jump to larger/more expensive brake system.

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