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Camero SS as Chase Car for U-2 Touch and Go Landing

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Forget that it is a Camero as that is not the point. How would you like the job of using your Shelby to be the chase car at Beale AFB? Read the article that goes along with the video.





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I was stationed there in the late 90’s. At the time they were just starting to replace all of their fox body mustangs for the Camaro.

Back in the 70’s they used El Camino’s. One would drive and the spotter would stand up in the bed. :rockon:



Here's another vid with some historic footage at Beale that includes the El Camino... SR-71 didn't require this kind of assistance! lol



Another bit of info regarding the chase Mustangs used by the USAF: http://www.sspmustang.org/features/USAF_SSP.htm

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