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ACME Diecast 1:18 .. 1965 Shelby GT350's


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Hi All,


Thought you might like to see the new 1:18 Acme Diecast '65 Shelby GT350's. I just got these in a few days ago.

They are the first releases of this casting.


1965 Shelby GT350 .. " Carroll Shelby School of High Performance Driving " ... 1 of 996 made




1965 Shelby GT350 .. " Tom's Garage Driving School " ... 1 of 102 made




The 1 of 102 version is done for Acme Diecast's "Tom's Garage" club. These both sold out in minutes of

being offered. I was lucky enough to get them ordered. I can't wait to see what future versions of this casting

they offer.


Take care and have a great Friday and weekend all.



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Thanks for sharing Scott. The pictures of these cars are cool and the only other "Driving School" model I've ever seen is Exoto's Cobra. Like you said it will be neat to see what else comes out in their line up.


I've never heard of Acme Diecast before. Are they a different name for one of the existing manufacturers? And, how does the quality of these Acme cars compare to othe manufacturers?

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You are most welcome. Acme used to be GMP diecast. The quality is very good. Not Exoto quality, but very good none the less. There are a few fit issues, such as the door on the Tom's Garage issue, but it is minor and I can live with it. We'll see what happens with the next release of this.


Take care and have a great day.



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