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BBK suggestions for 11' GT500 (w/o svtpp)


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Hey guys! I have a bone stock 11' GT500 (w/o svtpp) I am planning to go to more road courses for the next couple months.

Within the long to-be-modded list, the first mod I am looking to do is the brakes. I am searching for a big brake kit on all 4 corners, preferably 6piston front, 4 piston rear

After some googling, I came across the wilwood Superlite 6R(front) 4R(rear) kit, like the one listed below


Anyone running these kits? How do they perform comparing to the stock Brembo ones?

call me skeptical, why is this BBK (front) runs around 2k, while similar ones from Stoptech, baer, etc usually costs around 3k? Maybe the piston size? or Monoblock vs. 2pc. caliper?

Any input is welcome! Thanks!

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