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JLT's CC/OS improvement?


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I went for the clean install & good looks of the JLT CC/OS about 150 mi. ago. I was checking out a new mechanic today by going over some concerns with my '13GT500 & he seemed interested in my JLT catch can. I had not pulled it off yet & it came off easily.

I unscrewed the can & was SHOCKED to see 1/2 teaspoon of oil there! The mechanic pointed out the oil DRIPPING out of the end that connects to the SC! I must say, WTF!

He looked it over & cleaned it out, saying the can needed more "catch" media & suggested something that he uses for many jobs around his shop - Scotch-Brite green scrubber layers inside the can. Wife & I use green scrubbers ALL THE TIME for cleaning & they seem to have no wear-out sluff-off material & are very filter like at about 1/4 in thick sheets.

At home I pulled out my large back stock of green scrubber material, grabbed my 1 1/2 inch socket to use as a template & cut out 4 circles using a SHARP blade. I thoroughly washed the circles & they fit perfectly stacked in my JLT can. I re-assembled the CC/OS & re-installed it on my Shelby's amazing engine!

I have concerns before operating engine. Will Scotch-Brite green scrubbers stand up to the temp & oil/chemicals in the can, possibly plugging up the can's original steel mesh? Will the crankcase PVC output be impeded too much with the extra filter media in the can? I probably will not drive with the circles installed until I am comfortable with these concerns.

I feel that adding a 5th circle would tighten the stack of new media in the can & may filter better if my above concerns are resolved & NO OIL DRIPS OUT OF THE SC END WHEN I LOOK THE NEXT TIME AFTER ANOTHER 150 mi.!!

Any serious opinions out there, PLEASE! This & tires are my two presently unresolved issues!

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