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Shelby Standup


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Having a full size Shelby in my garage would freak me out whenever I flipped the lights on. :drop: It would be great for car shows right next to the vehicle display board.



I have a full size stand up of the Three Stooges in my office. I've had a blast with it putting them just inside someones office so that they are "greeted" by the Stooges as they enter the office. :hysterical2::hysterical2:

Obviously would have more respect for Mr Shelby if we could get his!!!

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I had a stand-up of Shelby from the 80s....It was from a Dodge showroom. Was a really cool looking piece.


he was wearing what he is in this pic.....except it was a stand alone, with folded arms


and said something like "Carroll Shelby is starting a Performance Revolution" (from Chrysler days)


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I am looking into it.




Can you see if they can make it affordable so everyone can own one. How about including one in every membership packet. Hey, I was taught growing up that the're is no such thing as asking a stupid question.
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When I did the tribute at the Intermountain Mustang show last August, I looked high and low for one but struck out, too. We're going to set up the tribute again at the Salt Lake Autorama in Feb. 2013. A standee would really set it off!!!! :waiting:

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This might be a step in the right direction.


The only difficulty might be finding a photo of high enough resolution to look good up close.


I was thinking of getting a life-size of my wife about fifty years ago. Decided that might be a serious mistake.



High resolution original file is going to be top priority, the two we bought from a theater supplier are pretty pixilated. I think we paid less than $50 each. If they would have cost more we would have sent them back.

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