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20 " wheels and NVH

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I'm not so sure if you hear it more when you hit pot holes and irregularities, but you definately feel it more. I went with Nitto NT05's with my 20's and it did make for a bit rougher ride, but the handling improvements were amazing. I wouldn't go back for sure, unless it was 17's or 18's with drag radials for the strip :)

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I have the optional 20" wheels on a Ford Edge and every bump in the road makes the car sound like a tin can and each corner sounds like the suspension is ready to fall out.



Curious, but did you try it with other wheels to see if it was actually the tires causing this problem? I find it hard to beleive that factory 20's vs. factory 17s or 18s (not sure what the other options are on that car) would cause it to be that bad, there are a LOT of vehicles out there with factory 20+" rims, and they don't generally put super low profile tires on them...


I will say, that when you get into the wider rims and tires, the quality and tread pattern of the tire will dictate road noise more, but I really don't notice more suspension noise in anything that I've put performance shoes on.

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No I did not try it with different wheels/tires as that was the stock setup. The car literally sounds like the suspension is loose at every corner when you hit a bump. I am sure it is not loose at every corner so it is either poorly designed for noise or the optional 20 package makes too much noise.

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