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Team Shelby Membership


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Just got this email today:



Your automatic payments were suspended



Team Shelby has suspended your automatic payments. Contact Team Shelby for more details or to reactivate your payments.

Here are the details: To: Team Shelby For: Team Shelby Membership (U.S.) XL shirt - One Year Automatic payment ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXX Customer service URL: http://www.ShelbyStore.com Customer service email: cs@teamshelby.com Customer service phone: 702-942-1720

Automatic payment details

Billing cycle starts: Sep 27, 2010 Total cycles: Remaining cycles: of Amount paid each time: $49.99 USD Outstanding balance: $49.99 USD Payment method:

Anyone else get this or know why ?

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The Team Shelby 2013 Memberships will be out in November. You probably have the 2011 kit and have not ordered the 2012 kit yet so you are due to renew. If you are interested in reordering the TS kit you can order on-line. You can email me or PM me if you have any questions.

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