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What to do?


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So here goes....I have two options. Order a 2013 GT500 or build a ERA 427 Cobra replica. Built a Lone Star 427 Cobra in 2001 but have never owned a Shelby. Have just retired from the Air Force after 30-years of service and looking for my new toy. I'm on the fence about this and having a hard time deciding. Both options will be close to the $65K range so $$$ is not the deciding factor. Anyway...what would you do?


BTW...love this forum.

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Wow! What a dilemma... thank you for your service first and foremost. In either case you may want to make up your mind fairly quickly, allocations for the 2013 cars are (at least by outward appearances) almost gone, and ADM's at most dealerships are way out of bounds. If you make up your mind to buy a GT500 I cannot offer you a 2013 model, our dealership's allocation is gone. But if I could, I would sir. I've never sold a car over sticker....

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If it were me, I'd buy the Shelby. I haven't built a kit yet (but would like to someday). But I've had my share of nice cars, and I have to tell you that none of them hold a candle to my 2013.



1) You've built a kit before.

2) Sounds like Shelby ownership is on your bucket list, but you haven't done it yet.

3) Unless you're weird, you will NOT regret buying a 2013.

4) You're getting old, so refinement has a priority it didn't have 10 years ago. ;)

5) The Shelby is much more suited to travel, and you can put the top up if it rains (assuming you go the vert route).

6) 662/638, with a warranty. :rockon:

7) No assembly required. Simply insert key, and go play!happy%20feet.gif


Retirement is great (6 years under my belt, after 23 years service). Time to enjoy it. If you need a project to wrench on, you can build something fun for way less than a Cobra replica; with a Shelby in the garage too, you won't feel the need to burn midnight oil to get it done (ask me how I know).


Either way, enjoy, and congrats on the retirement!


(BTW, did you post this same dilemma on a Cobra forum???)

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I'm going to go the other direction here. If you're not going to use the GT500 as a daily driver (like I am - can only afford one car due to other toys), I'd go the Cobra Replica. The only difference is you're a better man than me, I don't know if I have the patience to build one. I'd buy a Superformance 427 Cobra already done. I know you said money isn't the deciding factor; but, they're definitely cheaper finished. Of course you miss out on the pride of saying you built it; but, you get to drive on day one.

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