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Arg pirates, Svetlana sprung a leak (no, not her deep draw hood)


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Good news bad news thing here, ya know?


Bad news is my differential is leaking, big time.


Good news is that the leak is not the pinion seal, but is coming from the bottom between the housing and differential cover, meaning a gasket or the material used to make a gasket, as in silicon.


Oh well, not very serious, but I have differential oil everywhere, all over the back deck and underneath and a nice pool on the garage floor.


It's only been leaking a couple days. Man, when they let go, they let go. It's a regular Niagra Falls.


If I'm going to have a car repair, something like this is way preferable to a lot of other things.

It's one of the more easy fixes a car needs during it's service life.


So it's not bothering me as much as many other things that go wrong would.


But yeah, I'd rather it wouldn't be leaking.

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Yeah, I need to go to the store and buy some Depends.


I am not driving her until Tuesday morning, to the dealer for repair.


Not driving my Shelby bites the biggest and most huge moose available.

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Wow, what a weird problem.


I took the Shelby to the dealer and it turns out that one of the bolt heads of the the Watts Link system was hitting the vent that sticks out at top rear portion of the differential cover.

It had literally knocked the vent hose and clamp off. The leak was from the exposed open vent tube.


The dealer mechanic wanted to try screwing the vent housing thing in further, but he first called SAI to advise them of the situation. They agreed to try that first so he did that and then reattached the vent hose with a thinner type clamp.


The clearance is better but I don't think a piece of paper could even fit between the hose and the Watts Link bolt, it's really close.


I went 1500 miles before this problem arose so the Watts Link has to have a certain type road bump condition to make the Watts Link system move up enough to knock the hose off.


We think it's fixed however and it will not happen again.


Very strange problem, cost of the repair was $127.


SAI says that I got one of the last of the old design Ford Racing differential covers, and that a new design is already being used by SAI.


Oh well, could have been worse.


On a side note, all the other mechanics were looking at Svetlana up on the lift and oggling her.

They really like this car.

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Yeah, they looked at her in a very sexually suggestive way.


If this fix won't hold, then we will probably go with the newly designed Ford Racing diff cover.


I don't think the problem will repeat again though.

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