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Splash Guards /Stone Guards


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My SPP front splash guards went on my GTS Saturday.


I went to the dealer to look at their lot cars and the 13s they had have the black Ford ones on the back.


It looked to me a hole was drilled in the inside fender lip and a screw installed.


Not sure yet if I want to go that route.

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At some point I will put the Ford ones on the rear.


For now, I did clear bra behind the rear wheels, bewteen the above the lower black facia and below that side lighting fixture.

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You did it yourself?

Do they use the same holes and screws I already have on the inside rear wheel well lip?


Yes I did. They used the same three screws already on the wheel well lip. No drilling.

The only "difficult" part was buying a new screwdriver short enough so I did not have to remove the tire.

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