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Bring Back the 2010 Five Spoke Wheel as an Option

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I just took delivery of my 2013 GT500, Grabber Blue/Whit Stripes. Everyone loves the car, but no one particularly likes the gunmetal gray wheels. Maybe with black stripes it would look better, but I prefer the white.


I sold my 2010 GT500 to get this car, and I really miss the look of the 2010's Five Spoke wheel. It is bright in color, not blackened.


I think this is a generational problem. Black wheels are the current fad amongst today's younger drivers. My generation grew up mostly on polished aluminum or chrome. I think Ford provides the blackened wheels with today's generation in mind, but reality is that there are probably more people closer to my age that are buying 2013 GT500's than there are folks in their 20's.


So how about it Ford? Offer us graying guys an alternative wheel that shines. Bring back the bright colored five spoke.


Look at the picture at the top of this site. Isn't that five spoke beautiful?


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Those are both good looking wheels for the car, but I do not think they will work on the 2013. The 2010 Wheel is exclusive to 2010 at 18 Inches, and the Boss wheels may not fit. I certainly do not want to risk the handling or safety of the car, but that is the look I prefer.

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