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First time at the track tomorrow! preparations?

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I'm headed to a track tomorrow for the first time - finally! (as a driver, that is). I have an 08 GT500, and I was wondering what to expect as far as dirt, debris, rubber, etc. getting onto the paint. I have Nitto NT05R's on the back and I've upgraded the upper/lower control arms and panhard bar for better traction.


Should I expect to have a bunch of rubber, dirt, and chips on the rear side fender, or does the debris tend to stay off the paint and only hit the lower plastic pieces? I'm sure it varies quite a bit depending upon the track conditions, but I'm just wondering if I should consider taping some of the fender off with painter's tape - a friend suggested that I might want to do that.


What do you think? Anyone else had any experiences at the track as far as what to expect with dirt on the car?



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I like to put a few coats of paste carnuba wax at the back to help protect it, and if you go to the car wash afterwards most of the rubber just sprays right off.

You can do the tape deal, but it sure doesn't look pretty, or do justice to photos or videos.

I get way more rubber build up with the street tires than the drag radials, probably from the harder compound and street tread really tears up the track surface.

That is why most tracks will not let cars with street tires run in the groove.

The majority of the build up is inside the rear wheel wells, I spray them out and end up doing a really thorough cleanup back there over the winter.

After 4 trips out and around 60 passes, no chips at all from the track.

Those little mud flaps work surprisingly well.

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Worry about your brakes if they are stock.



The brakes are stock, but the car only has 7000 miles and the pads have very little wear. Are you thinking stock pads with 14" Brembos are not sufficient for a 1/4 mile drag strip?

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Not knowing how aggressive you drive, if you push it even a little change your brake fluid. The stock fluid is not good enough. I know this from experience. One corner you have brakes and the next nothing. Fortunately the car stayed on track.

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Prepare to be disappointed lol.


These cars are NOT easy to launch. I use to rag on a buddy of mine hard for getting his rear handed to him by a bolt on Gt. Then i drove my Shelby.


My suggestion is if your car is a garage queen tape her up. If u drive the car its probably already got some chips in it so it won't hurt as bad if u get another. That said if the track is prepped right your "shouldn't "get and rock chips. Rubber bounces off.


I would put a good wax on the rear 1/4s though. The vht can be hard to get off. Its Luke tree sap

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