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Removing inner hood cover a no-no? HELP


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Hey peeps!

I have an 08 stock and I have a warranty in place that makes it so I'm not modding.

However I would like the blower whine to be louder. I'm not going to swap the pulley.

I heard if you remove the foam cover on the inside of the hood you can hear the whine better.

Anyone know if this is true? And more important, could it put the car at risk for some sort of damage or more heat under the hood?

Why are those put there in the first place?

Thanks all!

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The hood insulation serves two purposes; noise reduction and fire resistivity. In theory the insulation, in the event of fire, would melt and/or fall onto the engine compartment, helping to slow the fires progress. I've also read that it helps to protect the hood paint from underwood heat, but I kind of doubt that one. I think if the problem were that bad we'd see melted fiberglass hoods quite a bit.

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