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Shelby GT500 designer lives in Minnesota


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Wow, what a great story!




I grew up In Blaine Mn.

Have been to Korea numerous times.

My wife's maiden name is Chun (related?) although she's from South Korea.

And of course, loves me some '60's GT500!



My wife's Grandparents owned a ginseng plantation which at the time was in what is now North Korea and sent their daughter to safety in the South during the war but stayed in the north to finish up business for their plantation with the intent of joining her when their business was done but became trapped in North Korea and unfortunately, were never heard from again.


I will definitely have to make a stop there on my next trip "back home"!



Thanks for posting!


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John Chun died last year on July 6th 2013




Last year he was at the Apple Valley car show and I was going to purchase one of his prints and have him sign it but he was walking around the show at the time we stopped by his booth so I never got a chance get one of his prints. Wish I had waited there until he came back I would have loved to have my daughter meet him. I had met them at the Apple Valley car show in previous years and in Tulsa at MidAmerica back in 2011 he was a really awesome person to meet.

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