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ANOTHER GT-H F/S ON EBAY (updated 8/22/12)


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relist 07 http://cgi.ebay.com/...=item3a78991a52>>>AUCTION ENDED...SOLD


Edited by HERTZ II, Today, 04:44 PM.


I was keeping rescords of all 2006/07's for sale on ebay until may 2011(not enought time to continue) This car #168 did not sell on May 21,2011; 16 bids and the high bid was $28,877.


Some observations…

The mileage listed in May 2011, of 19736, is identical to the mileage listed this past week-wow 15 months and not 1 additional mile.

It seems that the prices on theHertz cars might be escalating? I hope so!!!


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It also jumped from $26,000 to the final "winning" bid of $35,000. Odd. And the final 'bidder' swooped in with only the one bid. Don't get me wrong. I like the 'selling' price, but I do wonder about it.

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