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Ponies on the Plains UPDATES!


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In addition to changing the dates, adding more stuff and dropping the price, we have the following announcements:


Todd Soderquist from Ford Motor Company will be on hand to discuss the Boss 302 program and maybe a few other things going on with Ford!


See a 2013 GT500 up close and personal and see what this beauty can do on the track!


Open track connection will be attending and participating at POTP! Open Track Connection is your #1 source for complete suspension set-up and advice. In addition to explaining what you need, they can install it and "tune" it for you. Almost anyone can put parts on a car, but it is getting them set up correctly that makes OTC really stand out. Started in 2008, OTC works on all late model Mustangs from Fox-bodies to the newest Boss and GT500's. They are a full line Kenny Brown Performance dealer. Does that name sound familiar? It should. In addition to being Paul Brown's dad, Kenny Brown has been building Mustangs since 1986 when a guy named Steve Saleen asked Kenny to make his Mustangs on-track winners. OTC has a great relationship with Kenny Brown and can get you just about anything you need to make your car drive and handle the way you want.


The Track Guys Performance Driving will also be attending! Track Guys Performance Driving Events owner and lead instructor, Jeff Lacina, has been added to the list of reasons why YOU should be at the 2012 Ponies on the Plains event, Sept 21-23 at Motorsports Park Hastings. Lacina will be conducting a "Basics of Performance Driving" class for participants, especially first-time and novice drivers.


"This class will help drivers understand the fundamental principles of driving their Shelby's and Mustangs on a track and in performance manner," explains Lacina. "We'll cover the physics of getting the car around the track as well as some of the basic rules and procedures covering track driving events. This will be a GREAT way for even a pure first-time driver to be introduced to this incredibly fun and rewarding sport of performance driving."


He adds that drivers of all skill levels are welcome to attend the class to pick up performance driving pointers. "That's the best thing about this sport - you're never done learning," adds Lacina. "And it's always fun to learn a new sport, especially once you understand the basics of what you can do in the car and out on the track. This event is the perfect venue for first-time and novice drivers to come out and give it a try. Hey, we all have to start somewhere, so why not this event?"


Since 2002, Lacina has been conducting Track Guys Performance Driving Schools all over the U.S. and Canada. To date, he has driven and/or instructed on 75 different road courses and race tracks across North America. Lacina, along with co-driver, Evan Smith, raced their way to the SSGT2 Big Bore Class Championship in the 2012 Tire Rack One Lap of America in a 2013 Roush RS3 Mustang, including two on-track races and an autocross victory at Motorsports Park Hastings.


"I am really looking forward to getting back to Motorsports Park Hastngs," says Lacina. "It's a fun track to drive and the facility is first-class. I can't wait to introduced a new crop of drivers to the fun of performance driving during the Ponies on the Plains event at Hastings."


Lacina's Track Guys classroom session will be conducted on Friday morning and is available to anyone registering for the Ponies on the Plains event.



This event just keeps getting better and better! I will update this post as new things are added!

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