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LED Fog (running Lights) Lights


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My question is, does it do a better job of lighting the road under foggy conditions than the originals or is it all for show and no go? Fog is a problem where I live.



This is an all show no go part. This is due to the fact the LED shines at 6000k while our headlights shine at 4300k. Thats why they are blue also. Past 5000k you lose light and the light also appears blue. V-LEDs sells a 5000k I think it was Zero who ordered it or someone here who I am waiting to post pictures of so I can see how much of a match they are. But if you want these bobs auto sports sells them.

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Sorry to beat a dead horse here, but are the Bob's Auto fog lights a straightforward install? I haven't ordered them yet because I couldn't remember if these were the lights that required some modification for the install. Thanks



It was pretty straight forward...remove a couple of screws on each side and slip you hand in, un-plug the electrical feed and pinch the top and bottom ears of the old bulb and pull out. Reverse the steps to install.

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