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GTS's in events


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Hey guys, I took my GTS in a parade today that my Army Recruiting Station was participating in. I also parked it in the show for two of the four hours, but had to leave early to put the little one down for a nap. I guess I'll find out in a couple hours if I won anything, lol. Not counting on it with only being there for half of the crowd judging! If you guys hae any pics of your GTS or any other Shelby or cool car at a show or parade, post them up here!



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These GTSs are nice cars!! I constantly have other Mustangs weaving thier way through traffic to get to me and ask questions or to just look. Unfortunately I don't have the deep pockets that lbj has because it's a V6 (that is not a shot at lbj, just pure jealousy on my part) but the look on everyone's face when you tell them it's a V6 is priceless! The soldiers at Schofield Barracks are coming to grips that they can afford a Shelby. Now if there was some way to get SAI hooked up with Overseas Military Sales Corporation so soldiers returning from AF know that option exists it would be nice.

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I brought my GTS to the 2nd annual SmokinStangs 3-lap event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

What a great exerience!!

We got 3 laps around the NHMS including the road course. It was great to let the car loose down the front stretch. The pace car kept the pace reasonable for a nice familiy event.









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Awesome, always wanted to do an inside car show. Great job and thanks for all your efforts for this country!

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It appears my GTS will be at the Good Guys Show here in Loveland CO come early June.


My professional indoor football the Colorado Ice may end up with a booth, hopefully by or near the Meguairs one.

The condition is that Svetlana has to be there.




It won't be entered in the show for judging at this point, just on display at our booth along with a few players.


I assume it will get some attention given the cheerleaders and all.


OK, here is a link to the dance team, enjoy:



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