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Best Camber Plates?


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So some time ago I though about (and did get) the Ingalls bolts to correct my camber... and now about 15 track days and a couple years later, I would like to install some adjustable camber plates to get all the best possible front traction out of our car at the track.


That said, I've searched around and have found a few threads on camber plates, but none really identifying which may be the best. I see Shelby does make a set and if I understand right, they are the MM plates? But are they the best? Best for the money? Overkill? I have no idea and was wondering if you all have any opinions on them and/or other brands of camber plates.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!!!

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I just got a set of the MM plates on a strong recommendation from a forum member. I have not installed them, that's on the plan for his weekend. So I'm not sure I'll be of any help.


The Shelby plates are maybe by MM.


I think vorschlag has come out with some lately also. Don't know much about them.


I don't think you can go wrong with the MM plates.

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I'm partial to the Vorschlag, cannot really explain why other than I like the design.




I've never heard anyone speak ill of the Shelby/MM plates aside from a rattle. No idea about any of the others.

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