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Still Another Clutch Question

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Bought my 07 new in Aug. 08--warranty started then. Almost immediately I noticed a "scrunch" going into second and the clutch chattered something awful! Had TSB done within first 8000 miles. Still chattered and jerked. Now I have just a few over 30k on the odometer and the "scrunch" is back. Also noticed a couple of time when shifting at high rpm, especially from 3rd to 4th, the clutch didn't seem to take right back up and kind of eased back in. I have Ford ESP on the car and, honestly, I don't really romp on it hard very often......

How to I approach this with the dealer?

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I would approach them with the latest TSB in mind & communicate convencingly it's a flywheel issue. This way any issues that they encounter can be pointed to as the flywheel causing the problems with the clutch. There have been subsequent TSB's that use newer and improved parts. Long shot but it's the one I would take.


Good Luck!


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