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Modding a High Mileage Shelby

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Hey! I have a 2007 shelby with just about 62,000 miles on it (i dont know if thats considered high milage, but for me it is) but i have Pulley, CAI, Tune, O/R Xpipe, mufflers, lowered, rims tires and ive really and no major issues as of yet exept the radiator went a couple thousand miles ago.

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you should upgrade the harmonic balancer if it hasn't already been done. i would run some fuel injection cleaner and clean the throttle body and intake system as much as possible and install an oil separator (cheap) along with a new air filter. i think it would also be about time to change those spark plugs too. i'd also upgrade the heat exchanger and flush and drain the radiator. anything to keep the engine running cool and burning cleanly will help it perform better and last longer. lastly, these engines are known for heat soaking with hard driving so that's why i recommend the cooling mods.

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