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C&L Cold Air Intake for sale, $300 obo

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I found out after my emissions that I cannot have aftermarket parts unless their carb executive order number certified. Well, now I have to put my stock filter back on and I'm selling my c&l air intake. Its only have 937 miles put on it and works great. After I installed it I could hear it sucking air, the supercharger whine, and got a lot better response with accelerating. If you're intrested and would like to see pictures or talk about pricing simply reply or email me. I'm flexible with negotiations so I can try to get some of the $445 back that I paid for this, thank you

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I have one, so don't need one. I LOVE the way it looks and just thought if you posted a pic of how it looks, it might move faster if it's not already gone.


I needed some new air filters after I left a plastic bag over the filter (had it there to keep it dry when I was washing under the hood), forgot, turned the engine over and it imploded like stepping on a bear can, and the guys at C&L were great to work with too. It might not move as much air. But (to me anyway), it really looks OEM. In my case, really goes with the black w/red theme as well.


A shot of mine:


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Do you still have the intake for sale?



I see this is your first post. I just wanted to make sure you understand that with the 07-09 GT500's you must have a new tune when installing a cold air intake. Running the intake without a tune will result in very lean air flow conditions.


The tunes are provided on a hand held programmer from someone like VMP Tuning (my preference) or JLT Performance, both are vendors on this site. They both have kits that include everything you need to have a safely tuned car.

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