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Frustrated in the Evergreen State

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I've not been on the forum for sometime and have lost touch with everyone. Kind of reporting back on my upgrade of the Ford Racing 750 HP kit. Installed in February and still having problems. Third time back to the dealership where it was installed and they've had it more than I have over the last five months.


The car runs fine on the highway and has some awesome power. The problem is that it has a stalling problem. Talked to the service manager of the dealership where the car is and he says that Ford Racing finally admitted that 1 out of 10 cars that these kits have been installed on have had this problem, but the fix for each of them is different. MAF sensor is getting to much air when you back off the throttle. The intake tube is different than the OEM one in that it has the MAF sensor in a different place.


Has anyone experienced this problem? Thanks in advance

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Has anyone experienced this problem? Thanks in advance



I have. Once.


I blasted through the gears and backed off the throttle in 4th at high RPM to 'engine brake' down to speed. My MIL came on and the gas pedal was useless. I came to a signal light, shut the engine off and restarted it. Problem gone and has never come back but I've never duplicated the situation either.




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