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Which color do you like better?


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Bunky, those Razors are exceptional. What effect do 20's have on ride and handling?



I (being older) don't push it too hard, so it's a little difficult for me to say.

Also, 40 yrs ago when I had a 911, a friend accused me of having a dead ass, ...can't feel the car moving!


I do believe the Nittos are noisier, and ride a little harder, but the 275s stick better.

I think I like the short sidewall, ...after all it is a sports car! LOL

...and I do like the look of them

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BLACK or dark grey is growing on me. If you look @ tire adds from the 07-08 years most rims were silver or chrome.Now look @ current adds and 70% are black or dark grey tint.

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Always the odd man out.


I say black for a meaner, serious, work-a-day racer look.



Same here, plus, since your SGT is the slower Performance White, you might as well get the faster wheels! :poke::stirpot:


Either way, sweet ride!

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