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Bullrun / West Coast Customs Shelby FOR SALE on ebay - Ends 7/26


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Haven't been on the site in a while but saw this auction this evening and thought everyone here should know about it in case one of you collectors would like to add it to your inventory!




It probably has the hardest 31,000 miles ever put on a Shelby (if you've watched the show, you know), but it's arguably a unique, collectible Shelby.



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crap... now I see the post about this earlier today... I SWEAR I looked first! Sorry for the double thread. Mods feel free to delete if you wish...


I would buy this car. Problem is the owner does not know what he has.


Is it a Shelby GT/SC or a GT500?


Is that a 4.6 supercharged or a 5.4?


I know the answers, you don't have to answer the questions.


Just to own that car, I would buy it.

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