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Re-locating battery

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Hi all-

Questions for those who have re-located the battery to the trunk.

1) What kit did you use?

2) Notice any difference in starting the car/lost of voltage?

3) Any charging issues?

4) Any negatives?


Please post pictures of you set -up.


I thank you in advance,


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What are you trying to accomplish by relocating the battery?

There should be no degradation in battery performance as long as you use the proper size battery cables.

You should use a sealed or gel cell battery to eliminate out gassing and chance of spillage in the trunk.

If the battery is in the trunk, it makes it easier to wire up a battery cut off switch if it is required.

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Only advantages are weight redistribution to rear and less heat dissipation on the battery



Because of the lower weight of the new batteries, weight redistribution is less of a qualifying factor. By the time you add the additional weight of the heavier cables and the new mounting hardware, you have negated any advantage you were seeking. Heat on the other hand is a potential problem with these cars, the under the hood temperature is a consideration.

Unless the sanctioning body you are involved with requires a trunk mounted battery, I would pass on the relocation.

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