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Found an old pic of my '74 Mustang II

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It's so under appriciated yet I now find so much respect for the car. That's cool to see, whatever happened to it?



I purchased it new in south Florida in '74. It went with me through 4 years of college, a year in Georgia and another 2 years in Maryland. 2 years after I sold it I caught up with the new Owner driving it around the DC beltway! That's the last I saw of it...

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Brings back memories, not good ones, but memories. I bought a '75, brand new, my first new car, what a mistake, sold it a year later and couldn't wait to get rid of that weezy 4 banger and all those rattles and road noise, sorry, not a great car in my opinion, but it looked cute.

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Nice! It's always fun to see old pics of people's cars. I have a couple of early pics of my '64 Falcon convertible that was bought new by my mom's cousin. I've had it since high school, or about 25 years. Changed it from a 302 to Five Bolt 289, went from C4 to T10 to Toploader, and recently put 4 wheel disc brakes and a posi 3rd member!







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