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Need a vehicle to transport your Shelbys to the track?

Frank S

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Funny, some years ago, I was looking through old Shelby pictures and saw this hauler. I started doing reasearch and found out it was just purchased as a complete rust bucket out of Arizona, where it sat for a couple decades in red paint form being painted up for a Ferrari hauler. It was sitting on it's rims in the desert. LOTS of rust. Good to see it back in Cobra livery! Don Orosco who is a major Scarab guy purchased it and did the full resto on it back to when it was originally a Scarab hauler. Probably a good idea to put it in Cobra livery for the sale. That will probably help it's sale to what I'm guessing will be a very large sum.....


Here's a link to the build up of this one. I have some pictures of it rusted out in red somewhere here.




I've found a couple of the other old 60's Shelby haulers which have either been destroyed or close to it. I'm thinking that dream is pretty far away now. My cousin has a Ford truck just about exactly like this one, so debating if we go through the effort to try and do a clone or just do our own thing. Doing a clone almost makes some sense since it would be great to use a more modern driveline that can pull the mountains here in Colorado.


This is the one that I want to do:



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It's really nice to know about the history of a vehicle of note, no less transporters than racing cars. There is a transporters thread on the Autosport Nostalgia Forum where a few enthusiasts tell of their experiences updating (or not) classic transports for modern use.


I have about five of the Old Cars version of the Bartoletti 642 as seen in the top of the photo on this page. One of them is in Maserati colors, and they are all single-axle in the back. If I were a skilful model builder I'd be tempted to scavenge the back axle off one and graft it onto another, and do a full Shelbyized version.


EDIT: I surely meant to add that your project seems to me to be the ideal use of time and resources.

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It's wonderful to see ALL the historic vehicles preserved and/or restored.

Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen's "Snake and Mongoose" Funny Cars and their matching haulers are another great example:



BTW: Note that famed master artist Kenny Youngblood's "Blood DidIt" graphic appears on these as "Blood Didit-Both Times!"




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