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Catching up on Pics!!


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Sorry its taken so long to get these up and posted; but we changed servers and had to reorganize the galleries and then upload the recent pics. The new site is http://www.auto-focus.us and will contain info and coverage of local events, shows and general car related topics. We still have http://www.surfnsocal.com up and running but it will mainly deal with pics of all other types of events, parties and personal photo galleries that Richard and I take, as well as just showing off our non-car related photography. Soon there will be a link on both sites so that navigation between the two will be simple. Feel free to browse through all galleries and keep checking back for updates of not only pics but new additions to the site such as news and a calender of upcoming events.


Please bare in mind that the site is not completely finished yet and still needs some fine tuning, so please be patient as it will continue to get better and easier to navigate and I do apologize but figured that these pics were long overdue and Id better start getting them out there. Thank you!


Now on to the pictures:


Wow ok so I last left off back at the end of March, so the first gallery is that of the Del Mar Good Guys Show. I went and checked out the Annual Good Guys Car Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Friday March 30th. Needless to say there were lots of sweet hot rods, rat rods, muscle cars, led sleds and other tricked custom creations.


Full Gallery: (Total of 367 pics)







The following day, Saturday March 31st, we had the best turnout ever at the Cbad Cars Meet. I didnt get an official count but Id have to guess there were at least 250 cars there as we took up almost the entire parking lot. Definitely a very diverse turnout, with cars ranging from Mustangs (the overwhelmingly most abundant marquis in attendance) and Corvettes to Ferraris and Lamborghinis. I hope this event continues to grow and that we may continue to enjoy this local gathering.


Full Gallery: (Total of 192 Pics)





After the Cbad Cars Meet a bunch of us Mustang owners cruised down the coast and down into Mission Valley where we stopped to have lunch at Hooters. Lots of good food and good times were had by all. Our server, Natalie, was kind enough to come outside and pose for some pics with some of our cars.


Full Gallery: (Total of 85 Pics)










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That weekend I was very busy and I went to Dalton's on Sunday April 1st. This is a monthly muscle car and hot rod show at Dalton's Roadhouse Grill in San Marcos.


Full Gallery: (Total of 119 Pics)













On Saturday April 7th Shaun and myself drove up to Cars and Coffee in Irvine at the Ford/PAG/Mazda building. It was a pretty good showing despite the weather being not up to par with typical SoCal days; it even started to sprinkle on and off towards the end.


Full Gallery: (Total of 100 Pics)











The following day, Sunday April 8th, the annual SoCalStangs Easter BBQ was canceled this year so instead a few of us decided to get together and go on a cruise. We ended up at Round Table in Escondido for lunch.


Full Gallery: (Total of 30 Pics)




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And just this Saturday April 14th, I went down to check out the Ferrari Owners Club of San Diego's Annual Bella Italia Concourse Show down on the Spanish Landing. It was a beautiful sunny day, 120 Italian cars showed up to compete from various marquis; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and others. Incredible food and wine was provided by Bella Italia of Pacific Beach.


Full Gallery: (Total of 265 Pics)












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