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Shelby ink. What 'chu got?


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Its time for me to get add another tattoo to my collection.

I saw some nice ink work here and there at the Northeast

Celebration. Some on the arms, some on the legs and

some.... errr. Better let that part go.


All those that have Shelby ink... Post up some pics!

I was thinking of having the TS NE 'medallion' put on the

outside of my right calf but I'm not 'in love' with it.

Post your pics! I need ideas and not afraid to get the

same tat as another Shelby owner.



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Tattoo's done.




The artist took a little bit of license with the Cobra's face. I think he looks like he's having fun!

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Wow! Across and over the shin? That musta hurt!

Tell your nephew he has a bad ass tat!

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