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Shelby GT-A Different Snake


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Hey, heres a really cool concept for the Shelby GT that my son and I came up with. We were at the Ford Nationals in Carlisle and had such a great time looking at all the cars....it gave us some ideas.


To take the Shelby GT and modify with Super Snake parts and concepts, and give it a new name instead of Super Snake to not take away from the Super Snake reputation.- :drool::shrug:


What my son had come up with was something more than a S-GT/SC but to try and capture all of the modifications of the Super Snake in the S-GT package. In keeping with the "snake" theme, we knew that the 4.6 was nothing compared to the 5.4 the Super Snake starts with so my son came up with the name 'Garden Snake'.


I had a great laugh at it and thought we should put it out to you guys for your thoughts. Here's what we came up with:


Take the S-GT and add


-Super Snake hood but functional to direct air to the CAI

-Supercharger (most displacement without tearing the bottom end out)

-Carbon fiber front splitter

-Upgraded brakes; either Baer or Willwood

-Gauge cluster

-Upgraded wheels (preferences anyone?)

-Mesh grille (Similar to the GT350)

-Stripe Package

-Shelby Intercooler

-Brake duct cooling kits front and rear

-Sequential taillights

-Side and rear exhaust (similar to Boss 302)

-Upgraded Interior



So....In a 'perfect world' what else could we do to make the S-GT more 'snakelike'?

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forged block. it makes everything better when you can run 25(might need alittle methenol injection...or ALOT) pounds of boost and not break everything....except the tranny....driveshaft....rearend...axles...hahah good times :peelout:


would be pretty wicked!

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around 1600 HP worth. that's the limits of the 3v block itself if properly prepared. your gonna break ALOT of other things before you break the block though, that is if the tune is perfect. bad tune will destroy anything. our blocks are the strongest production aluminum mod blocks fords ever built, not even the teksids come close to being as strong as the 3v blocks.


the actual amount of boost will vary depending on heads, cams, exhaust, supercharger type. boost is just a measure of resistance. a better built motor will make more hp on less boost. its all about how well it breaths.

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