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Dream Come True


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Attention SVT


It's in; a triple black, stripe delete, SVTPP fully optioned convertible. I will pick it up Friday. I have had a lot of great cars over the years but nothing has had the impact on me as much as anticipating this car.


i honestly feel like I am going to have a money no object exotic in my possession. I always knew that American manufacturers could compete with the world's finest.


Congratulations Ford, and SVT, and rest in peace Mr. Shelby. Thank you for your automotive passion.

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For the first 150 miles for break in I drove a mix of state routes, interstate, and country roads. What a glorious sound. After 100 miles I did several 65 to #%& mph pulls. It is the fastest thing I have driven since a owning a Hayabusa the earlier part of the last decade. With the Busa, I didn't exceed beyond 7,000 rpm of an 11,000 rpm redline for several weeks to get really used to the power. I have the same sensation with the Shelby with these pulls to 4,000 rpm in the upper gears.


The run from 7,000 rpm to 11,000 rpm with the Busa was ferocious and I anticipate the Shelby from 4,000 rpm to 6,000 rpm is going to be just as ferocious.


Having said that, my greatest joy is carving up tight country backroads. A couple of memorable tools have been a 1973 911S and a 1983 911SC. SVT is to be congratulated for engineering a machine that I believe is going to be extraordinarily competent at that based on my experiences today.


Before driving away from the dealer earlier today I told them I wouldn't trade it for a 911 Turbo Cabriolet. Amen. Wow, thanks SVT.



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Great recommendation! I guess you like the car, lol.. Can't wait to drive one. Gonna wait til fall when hopefully some of the buzz lessens and my local dealer will be more willing to make a deal.

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My dealer came through at $1k under MSRP. I don't drive much of a bargain hearing about $100 over invoice deals.


My son, who is a professional photographer, is on his way back from Bonnaroo and be taking some good pics of the car when we get together.


And thanks for the nice words. It is great to be a fellow owner.



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